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Patents and Publications



The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) granted the following patents covering binary blends of Roman Cement, also referred to as “First Generation” Roman Cement: US Pat No 7,799,128, which was fast-tracked under the Green Technology Pilot Program initiated Dec 2009, US Pat No 7,972,432, and US Pat No 8,323,399. Patents in countries outside the U.S. have also been issued covering binary blends of First Generation Roman Cement.

Roman Cement has other US and foreign patents pending relating to various aspects and improvements of Roman Cement, including the following patents covering ternary blends of Roman Cement, also referred to as “Second Generation” Roman Cement: US Pat No 8,377,201, US Pat No 8,414,700, US Pat No 8,551,245 and US Pat 8,974,593. Second Generation Roman Cement improves upon First Generation Roman Cement in several key areas, including reduced water demand, grinding and shipping costs, and permeability.

Highly particle packed Roman Cement blends, also referred to as “Third Generation” Roman Cement is described in International US Pat No. 9,102,567.

An alternative method consisting in the modification of pozzolanic chemistry through blending is described in US Pat No 9,067,824.


International patents were issued in several countries. Examples are Patents No 200902232 in Australia and No ZL200980113831.7 in China. A number of additional patents have been issued or are pending in multiple countries, including Brazil, Canada, Europe, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), India, Korea, Japan, Russia, and others. 


Please feel free to contact us with any questions about Roman Cement's Intellectual Property and Patent portfolio.






Report – National Institute of Standards & Technology
Title: NISTIR 7763: Optimization of Particle Sizes in High Volume Fly Ash Blended Cements


Paper – National Institute of Standards & Technology
Title: Optimization of cement and fly ash particle sizes to produce sustainable concretes


Paper – National Institute of Standards & Technology
Title: Influence of Particle Size Distributions on Yield Stress and Viscosity of Cement-Fly Ash Pastes


1st Prize Award of Papers  presented at the 2015 IEEE-PCA Conference

Title: Maximizing SCM Content of Blended Cements


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