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The Roman Cement technology can be applied in any type of concrete, such as decorative and precast or ready mixed concrete, including high performance applications. We offer custom-formulated solutions using high perfromance pozzolanic materials suitable for a wide range of applications. Our formulations always result in better perfromance and cost savings. Contact us to discuss your needs.


High Performance Pozzolans for Precast concrete

Roman Cement offers high performance pozzolan products that are well-suited for precast concrete. Made from finely ground shale rock, the material is processed to an optimal particle size distribution to maximize pozzolanic activity and improve compressive strength performance at all ages. The result is a material that outperforms the compressive strength typically attained with other cement substitutes such as fly ash and ground granulated blast furnace slagglass foiber reinfoced concrete

 while retaining all the advantages of enhanced durability expected from a pozzolan. 

Roman Cement High Performance Pozzolan Products are available in 2,000 lb. super-sacks.


Contact us with any questions or to request a sample.


Example of compressive strength performance using a 
Roman Cement High Performance Pozzolan for Precast (HP3)
Cement - Pozzolanic mixtures for GFRC and White Concrete

Roman Cement has extensive knowledge of mix designs for applications such as Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete  and other Precast and decorative concrete products where color and overall appearance are important. Our High Performance White Pozzolans (HPW) consist of blended pozzolanic materials that offer stellar compressive strength performance without compromising on workabiity, durability and the smooth surface expected in decorative concrete. 

Roman Cement HPW products are delivered in bulk or in super sacks, depending on the blend of materials used in each individual mix design.  


Contact us for an initial evaluation of mix designs tailored to your application. We're happy to work with you on enhanced mix designs for imporved performance and lower cost.


Examples of compressive strength results using a 
Roman Cement High Performance White Pozzolan (HPW) at 50% and 55% cement replacement
A high perfromance, cost-effective, green building alternative
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